Monday, May 10, 2010


Hello dear friends,  what type of music do you listen to?  Who is your favorite artist?  Why do you like their music?  Those are the questions I ask you today.  Lately I have been having trouble with my anxiety/panic disorder and my Bipolar.  There is not much I can do to make these horrible feelings go away.  Of course prayer helps alot, but I have noticed that listening to music seems to calm me down a bit.  I love listening to music, especially my favorite~~~ the music of George Michael.  I have been a big fan of George Michael's music since I was in high school.  He really puts feeling to his music, and shows that he enjoys singing it.

I know there are some people who do not like his music or him for that matter.  But George Michael is a wonderful person in his own way.  I have been listening to his music alot lately, especially his music for the heart.  It is so relaxing to me, and I really enjoy it very much.

I thank God that I have George Michael's music to help me feel better.  It may not be religious music, but it works for me.

Just wanted to share this with you, my friends.  And let me know what you like and why.